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What is DreamPlan?

DreamPlan is a digital solution that, through financial guidance, helps you get more out of your own money. We want to give you access to the tools and information that can help ensure you get the most for your money. If you have any doubts along the way - or afterwards - we have skilled wealth advisers who can help you further.

Why use Dreamplan?

Dreamplan will give you a holistic overview of your finances and inspire you on how to get the most out of your money. We look at your personal finances, mortgage, savings and pension as a whole. With an overview of your finances, we will guide you on how your dreams can come true. With a subscription to Dreamplan, you ensure that you are alerted when it pays for you to change something - and you can get help from Dreamplan's wealth advisors to change it.

Is using Dreamplan free?

It is free to use Dreamplan's calculation.

We would like to offer you advice. It will take place in such a way that you will have a chat with Dreamplan's wealth advisor about what opportunities she has to help you create more air in your finances and how you can realise your dreams for the future.

It is only if you and our wealth adviser find that a longer, paid advisory session is worth it for you and you make a written agreement on advice, that there will be an advice fee.

The advisory fee is individual and will appear in the advisory agreement.

How safe is it to use Dreamplan?

It is absolutely safe to use Dreamplan's solution. We know how important data security is to our customers, and we focus on both data security and data ethics. It is possible to have your data deleted at any time. Our solution and data are hosted on cloud infrastructure at Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Germany, and data never leaves the EU. We take good care of your data, and we've chosen AWS because we know they do too. We have documented our IT security according to the ISO27001 standard. You can see more of our terms here.

Who is behind Dreamplan?

Dreamplan was founded by Stine Kalmer Jørgensen and Simon Bentholm. Later Ole Jepsen, Lone Werenskiold, Lars Buur, Philip Rasmussen and a team of skilled IT and wealth professionals joined. They are all very passionate about ensuring that everyone gets the most out of their money.

You can read more about our team here.