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Dreamplan offers a good way to plan your finances and optimize your savings in light of tax, interest and risk

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Dreamplan offers a good way to plan your finances in light of tax, interest and risk - and with the opportunity to see the consequences of fulfilling your dreams

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1. Collect your information automatically. You can choose to automatically retrieve your information from PensionsInfo and Land Registry. You can also enter the information yourself. And we take care of your data and do not share it without your consent. There are 10 questions.

2. Calculate and optimize your savings. The Dreamplan figure shows how much richer you can become by following our recommendations without taking money out of your pocket! We calculate the optimal composition across housing, free savings and pension - and you can see what a dream can mean for your finances. Under "details" you see your current situation, and you get the opportunity to see your finances for each area before and after DreamPlan's recommendations.

3. Adapt your finances - our wealth advisors are ready. Adapt your savings in housing, free savings or pension with the help of Dreamplan's own wealth advisers

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